Daredevil fic recs, please?

I just finished the series yesterday & I basically want all of the stories. I've already read these two by poisonivory, which are fantastic Foggy-POV stories (one missing scene & one Foggy/Matt). I'm basically on board for anything about those two, anything about Karen, any gen or world building, MCU crossovers,etc.

Stories, please?

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'Age of Ultron' reaction post, obliquely

So is anybody writing epic Natasha fic about what her story/backstory etc*should* be? I don't really read epic fanfic, I'm just kind of curious + I have trouble sorting out critiques from shipwars + I'm scared of tumblr. Does this make any sense?

I'm also thinking if writing Natasha/Wanda just because it would be hot and nobody seems to have done it yet.

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Title: The Great Escape
Fandom: Breaking Bad
Character: Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Rating: T
Word count: 1,022
Also available at AO3
Written for: SegaBarrett at Rarelywritten exchange
Summary: They forgot the soy milk.
Notes: AU, post-"Felina". So, super spoilery for the whole series. Also I just figured out 'Felina' is an anagram of 'Finale,' good job, Gilligan.

FIC: The Great EscapeCollapse )

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I don't want to talk about basketball

Meme thing from pocky_slash instead:

Comment with the title of one of my fics and a number (or more than one of either) and I'll witter egomanically about:

1) how I came up with the idea
2) something I deleted
3) my favorite bit
4) something I struggled to write
5) what the writing process was like
6) how I thought people would respond
7) how people actually responded
8) something I wish I’d done differently
9) something I think I did right

My fic is here or "The one where..." is fine.


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anybody want a commentary or time stamp?

I'm regretting my general lack of brainspace/energy/ inspiration for fiction writing these days. Does any body want to request a commentary/timestamp (ie, what happened X amount of time before or after the fic for anything I've written?

AO3 archive lives here.


Alternatively, anybody who wants to spitball in the comments about stories that should exist, I'm here for that.

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So it's March, which is when I usually switch over to my Buffy Summers 'survive and advance' icon except that I left it up for the whole year I think (at least on DW and since I let paid my LJ account expire, I don't even know how managing that thing work anymore. So anyway, March -- I'm excited about basketball as usually, only more so because my Cavaliers are unexpectedly good this year (they've only lost 1 game even though there are a few more that they probably should have, and they've been without their most talented player for a few weeks and I'm not sure how much longer.)

Anyway, mostly I'm updating because I've neglected to update much. I feel like things are going well on the macro level if poorly on the micro level if that makes sense -- generally having fun and spending time with cool people, while at the same time I have days where I'm tired or crying for no reason etc etc. Stressed about debt and having to pay to repair and replace things in my house/ probably should skip going to any cons or doing major travel this year so I can catch up with my finances + repair the parts of my car and house that keep breaking. So that's a bummer if it means I won't be able to see long-distance friends unless they come visit me -- need to get the taxes done and then maybe I'll have a better idea what I'm looking at.

On the good side, I inherited a sweet, pretty cat, Hadassah, who is excellent company, and I have even better company in [personal profile] spuffyduds, my part time roommate for at least a few months as she's taken a new job and has some time until her household is resettled. We're sharing cooking duties (ie, mostly her but I'm trying to step up my culinary game) and watching TV together.

Entertainmentwise, I inherited (at least for the time being) my brother's PS3 because he (and under his influence, I) decided that video games were a bit of cultural literacy I was missing out on. So I just finished playing through BioShock (on easy, though I was probably not completely incompetent on it by the time I was done?) Gamer types should give me advice on what to play next -- I have some kind of Batman game + also Skyrim tho when I tried starting Skyrim, I decided it was too complicated (too many decisions!) and I need to work up to it.

In music, I haven't discovered much new lately (I think my most listened albums of 2014 were the one Neko Case put out in 2013, and The Suburbs by Arcade Fire which is even older, not that I think digging into the catalog I already have is bad. I didn't get to see Sleater-Kinney on this tour after all, though on Valentine's Day I went to see Doomtree in DC with [personal profile] queenbookwench -- which was super fun in spite of very cold weather and surprise snow (my winter experience has been mild and fortunate compared to many other East Coast/midwest folks, but it has taken me by surprise a few times.) And last night, I went to see Kacey Musgraves with [personal profile] jrho -- KM is such a delight, I even forgive her for implying that any audience members born after the mid-80s were 'olds'. Funtimes.

While she was here, J also gave me a crash course in hockey RPF fandom so that I sort of know what people are talking about now, though I don't anticipate growing a deep interest in it except being distracted by this silk dress shirt Sidney Crosby was wearing in one interview I watched because I'm not made of stone. Anyway, I'm clearly forever out of sync with fandom because I just now started binge-watching the first season of Glee (after [personal profile] stultiloquentia accidentally got me interested in the current season and then I had to go back to the beginning)

In 2021, I'll probably see Jupiter Ascending and be sad no one wants to talk to me about it.

I loved the Agent Carter finale though! I have the persistent problem of being interested in the wrong things (Howard!!!) but seriously I love them all and if I ever remember how writing works again there might be fic.

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Ask me for a letter and I'll give you one. Then you can fill out these questions on your own blog.

[personal profile] were_duck gave me "P"

Something I hate: Pollen. Pimples.

Something I love: Peanut brittle.

Somewhere I've been: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Do I get 2 points for that like in Scattegories?) I haven't done anything monumental in Philly, and I really don't like to drive there. I drove up a few summers ago with [personal profile] inlovewithnight and [personal profile] rosalita to see a Springsteen exhibit at -- some museum??? And harmonyangel came down from Jersey and met us and I remember we sat outside and had Cokes and made fun of Teen Wolf fandom (that was the day I learned about Sterek tinhatters).

Somewhere I'd like to go: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Not for any reason inherent to Pittsburgh, but because I snagged a ticket to the Sleater-Kinney show there on March 1, with the reasoning that it's the closest large city I've never visited and the DC shows were sold out and it wouldn't be a big deal to drive up there and get a hotel??? But at this point all the appliances in my house are breaking so I think I should cancel the hotel and eat the ticket and hope they tour again. Which sucks because Sleater-Kinney. Does anybody want a ticket to Sleater-Kinney in Pittsburgh on March 1, though?

Someone I know: Weirdly, a bunch of my IRL male friends -- Phil, Paul, Pete -- and also the wondrous pocky_slash

A film I like: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

A book I like: I remember at one point, I had something hipper than Pride and Prejudice I was going to use here, but that's what I get for not answering memes immediately.

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Agent Carter

I caught up with Agent Carter last night, and my impression as the show goes on is that the showrunners were given a vague mandate to write a thing about Peggy Carter without knowing how many episodes they'd get or what supporting actors from the movies would be available and told to run with it. That would explain some of the structural weirdness to me, though I'm mostly rolling with it.

My main impressions are two fold, mainly 1) Peggy's smile, post mission, after telling the guys she hates them all, the adrenaline and built up frustration and it's beautifully shot and Hayley Atwell is amazing and spoilers for backstory revealed in 1x05 or whatever that wasCollapse )

I had a long post about other things I was watching and reading and the DW interface devoured it, so more on that later.

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So I started a tumblr linked to this journal name -- Here it is!, in case I want to talk about fic-writing stuff over there + cause I know that's the primary mode of fannish interaction for some folks. So -- that's there if you want to follow it. I started it with a fic snippet (fun fact, I can't figure out how to get cut tags to work on tumblr, but it's under 1000 words, so what the hell) -- which I'm posting for the purpose of fooling around/ am not ready to commit to archiving because have I mentioned I've already been jossed TWICE by the movieverse re: Howard's characterization? But anyway, short untitled thing just for fun. This is essentially fic for the first Cap movie, though I slipped in a tiny bit of the backstory that's been revealed on Agent Carter.

Xposted from tumblr:

Howard & Peggy at the beginningCollapse )

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creative realizations of various sorts

1. This is one of those realizations that falls somewhere between 'epiphany' and 'no duh, you're just noticing this?' Which is that my creative energy ebbs and flows a lot -- the energy involved in just being enthused and inventing things, but also the follow through to sit down and put things into words. And when I'm in a high-energy stage I run around and commit to as many things as I can think of and if it's something I can do immediately, great, but if it's not I end up in this energy ebb and I'm super over-committed and I just want to hide. So -- that may explain to some of you the way that I tend to approach projects, and how if I'm really keen to work on something on or discuss something with you and then drop off the map, I wasn't faking and I don't hate you, I'm just bad at portioning out brainspace and creative time. For me, it means -- well, being more aware of the commitments that I make when I'm on the high-energy point of a cycle, but also to understand why the part of it where I want to hide happens and not beat myself up for it. Just learn to account for it.

2. One of the things I did when I was being energetic a while ago was sign up for the Blue Christmeth Breaking Bad fan exchange -- and I got a very lovely Gus/Max in Chile backstory fic btw, The Sea Left Behind, which you should read if you love tragic queer South American drug lords (my favorite detail is that Gus basically gets into drug smuggling because it exasperates him to realize other people are doing it so inefficiently and, you know, one of the reasons I love Gus is his fierce competence in the midst of the "Walt and Jesse Suck at Doing Crime" show.)

But anyway, before I defaulted I did rewatch a lot of late-season BrBa and I have totally plotted a canon divergent story where Skyler and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle sneak off to a creative writing conference and have an affair. (Seriously, I described the logistics of the thing in such detail that bessiemaemucho asked me whether I am currently having an affair; in any case, we concluded that I am better at crime than either Walter or Lydia, though probably not Skyler, who is the one of the three I would least like to match my wits against.) Anyway, the story would be from Skyler's POV, and Lydia exasperates her and drives her crazy by being tense all the time, but also, Lydia's tension is something she can actually do something about in a way she can't deal with Walter. I don't know, I can't figure out whether this was serious or crack fic-y or whether I should even try to reconcile with canon, but it did make me think about what it is I like about Lydia. Skyler and Marie are sometimes exasperating but still really flawed and complicated and interesting women and Lydia is. . .basically not, she's the Evil Corporate Bitch stock villain, yet (partly because of Laura Fraser's performance, which is somewhat mannered but also very precise), her manifest anxiety, the way she copes or doesn't cope with it, is something that looks very personally familiar to me, and that we don't get to see in sympathetic characters. Lydia on paper really isn't that complex, and she's certainly not morally defensible (even relative to Walter and Mike and Gus; she's better than Todd and his gang maybe in being not an actual Nazi that we know of, but essentially she's a completely indefensible person).

3. I recently watched all of My So-Called Life and somebody must have written some meta about how Jordan Catalano and Jesse Pinkman are basically the same character trapped in very different genres. Also about how obviously Brian Krakow wants Jordan to fuck him.

4. The real actual fannish Renaissance thing I want to talk about, though is movieverse Howard Stark, who showed up on Agent Carter this week and engaged in a fairly massive retcon spoilers for Agent Carter, though I"m pretty sure I"m gonna talk about this one outside the cut before longCollapse )

5. I briefly tried to use tumblr again, but I can't even figure out how to search for a tag and find stuff I like anymore? Like, I type in "Howard Stark" (shut up) and get a lot of texty posts thrown at me in a vaguely table-ish form and I don't know how to parse them. I'd ask people to help me use tumblr better but then the stuff I want to read wouldn't be there :(. [ETA: okay, I sort of get it

6. I also got a playstation 3 and a cat, and [personal profile] stultiloquentia has me watching Glee and [personal profile] spuffyduds is sort of moving in. I should post more.

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